The Art of Networking Team Building

The ability to successfully network and create crucial business connections can be an immediate and long term value to you and those with whom you connect. Learn and practice the skills necessary for successful networking in this dynamic workshop.

“Networking in business is an essential part of building wealth” – Armstrong Williams. Networking is a primary business activity for those who drive revenue (and even those that don’t). It is a necessity for success at each and every level. All team members will participate in networking settings, both formal and informal in the upcoming year. Networking doesn’t only happen in business situations like trade shows or civic meetings. To make your team’s connections count and put them to good use everyone must understand the skill of networking. We can show you how and set you on a course of greater business and personal success.

The Art of Networking in business covers Introductions, Planning Ahead, Conversations, Listening, Networking and how to Exit. Every skill taught is practiced in class with a partner or small group. Learning is enhanced through listening, seeing and doing. Your team will master the Art of effective Networking.

“I had way more fun than what I thought I was going to during the exercises. Rick and Robin were very personable and gave us confidence when needed.” – Georgieanna Gross, Cybis

Who is this Event For?

  • Groups of 10 to 500+network3
  • Existing teams, cross-functional teams, or mixed group of individuals
  • Those looking for something new and unique at their next team building event
  • A group that needs to broaden their networking abilities while having FUN!
  • Suitable for all activity levels

What Should We Expect?

  • Fun, Fast paced Instruction
  • Interactive & Creative challenges that build Confidence and Broaden Skills
  • An opportunity to gain essential skills & knowledge through practice and instruction
  • Educational and Beneficial to any team member

Key Activities Networking in Business

The key focus of your networking in business should be the building of business relationships. But there are many road-blocks on the path of building and encouraging those connections that individuals struggle with. In a classroom setting, participants are taught six important skill sets and given the opportunity to practice them with feedback from the instructor. Interactive, informative, and invaluable, this class gives your team all the key skills needed to establish strong business relationships that will open new doors of business opportunities and profitability.

Other Indoor Activity Options

art3If your team has a specific charitable direction or you are looking for something new and different, then we want you to have options. Because we want our clients to have many choices, here are two more Indoor Team Building programs.

  • Team FUN-damentals “If you aren’t having FUN at work, you’re not doing it right!” This team building event focuses on teaching participants to make their workplace fun, challenging, and rewarding. Take an in-depth look at your team and discover methods to enhance your team dynamics while keeping it FUN!
  • Improv(e) Team Dynamics Improv Comedy will amaze you by what it can accomplish! When the goal is clear, energies are focused, and all parties are committed to the task at hand, the possibilities are endless.