Team Spirits Team Building Fun

Let’s be honest – sometimes you just want to have team building fun! This event uses liquors – not for drinking, but to illustrate the multiple layers required to construct genuine team spirit in the workplace. This team building fun event is truly one of a kind! Each group must create an environment that allows people to connect, building on the premise that a wealth of untapped resources is available within every team.

Pousse Cafe is an after-dinner drink of liqueurs of various colors and specific gravities, carefully poured into a glass so as to remain floating in separate layers. Teams must solve clues to learn how to build their drink. Each layer of the drink must symbolically represent elements that constitute strong team work, which must be described in a presentation. The event requires overcoming complicated challenges, following directions and developing a presentation on team dynamics… and it’s a team building fun at its’ best!

Team Spirits emphasizes learning to rely upon teammates for expertise and support. It encourages the use of creative thinking and problem solving. Teams learn to recognize the downfalls of working independently from each other, and the benefits of large scale cooperation. The event gives participants an opportunity to gain or build on essential life and business skills.Groups of 10 to 1000+

“This class was very impactful and tons of fun.” – Jerry, Rogers Wireless

“A lot of fun and a real team building. Thanks again.” – Jon, Cox Communications

Who is this team building fun Event For?

  • Groups of 10 to 1000+teamspiritsimage1
  • Anyone who wants a Fun, High Energy Event
  • Those wanting to foster Creative Thinking & Collaboration Skills
  • Suitable for all activity levels

What Should We Expect?

  • Fun, Fast Paced Excitement
  • Be Challenged to think Creatively and Outside the Box
  • An Enlightening and Exciting event
  • Interactive & Creative challenges
  • Challenging Problem Solving

Key Activities

Team Spirits works for any size group, large or small. A lighthearted and educational Icebreaker helps to divide larger teams into smaller groups, and the goal is explained and objectives clarified. The participants solve clues to discover the ingredients required and directions to build the drink. Groups must work together as they creatively and delicately plan and execute their part of the project. Each group must plan, create, and name their team drink and create a presentation. As the event comes to a conclusion, each group makes a brief presentation of their drink and the components of highly functioning teams. Prizes are awarded for Best Team Name, Best Drink Name and Best Presentation, based on creatively using the layers of the drink. This event is fun and exciting and is guaranteed to get your team thinking outside the box!

Other Indoor Activity Options

If your team has a specific charitable direction or you are looking for something new and different, then we want you to have options. Because we want our clients to have many choices, here are two more Indoor Team Building programs.

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  • Art of Networking  The ability to successfully network and create crucial business connections can be an immediate and long term value to you and those with whom you connect. Learn and practice the skills necessary for successful networking in this dynamic workshop.