Keynote Speakers can motivate, entertain, and educate your team. Our motivational and educational speakers provide programs in a wide variety of subjects, and we are happy to incorporate your company theme, focus, or goals in our programs.

What Kind of Keynote Subjects Do You Offer?

Rick1For your convenience, we’ve listed topics, ideas and themes for keynote speeches. On most of these areas of focus, we offer several different speeches, which will all be customized to fit your specific needs and goals. Please contact us for more information about what we can offer your group!

Communication – These presentations provide your employees with the opportunity to learn about effective communication techniques, and help them build their individual communication abilities.

Creativity – Maximizing your employees’ ability or willingness to think outside the box is crucial these days.  These workshops on the benefits of creativity give your team the tools they need to creatively solve difficult problems.connie13

Business Etiquette – Help build your employee’s sense of courtesy, etiquette, and proper behavior.

Coaching & Mentoring – Companies and teams that have the ability to coach and mentor each other will have increased morale and a more productive workplace. Have your team learn these skills and watch the bottom line grow.

Diversity – Embracing diversity in the workplace will guarantee your business greater ability to succeed. Help your employees acknowledge and utilize their differences.

Craig 4 Ethics & Values – A workforce that values ethics is more likely to experience employee satisfaction and increase repeat clientele.

Global Finance & Grassroots Advocacy – Our world is getting smaller and smaller. These programs are designed to help your workforce understand how the global finance and economic environment affect the workforce.

Leadership – Nothing moves a business forward more than having 1 leadership team with high level skills. Give your management team the ability to motivate, encourage, and lead your team to increased profits.

Motivation & Inspiration – Business and economic changes can reek havoc on your employee morale. Bring your team together and motivate them to stay the course.

Negotiation – Negotiation skills aren’t only important for your sales team! Every business partner can benefit from the ability to negotiate effectively with others.Mimi1

Non-Profit & Fundraising – If you work for a non-profit or need assistance in fundraising efforts, these events are specifically designed for you.

Organizational Development – Bring high performance back into your company or organization with these programs designed to motivate and educate.

Patriotic – Bring patriotism to your next event! These programs are designed to encourage your employees, build patriotism, and help us appreciate what we have in the USA.

Politics – If you are a business working and functioning within or alongside the government, then this might be the event for you.

Team Building – Team Building is an important aspect of business success. Learn how to incorporate this into your business on a regular basis.