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11/6/2014 – Holiday Team Building – The holiday season is the time to give to others in the community, especially those in need. What better way for your company to encourage corporate social responsibility and improve employee morale than to do a Charity Team Building event at your holiday party?

8/20/2014 – Are Bowling and Barbeques Really Teambuilding? – What’s the difference between Team Bonding and Team Building? It is not enough to get your group together off site and have a few icebreaker games, or go bowling, or ride go carts.

6/18/2014 – 20 Team Activities to Build Your Team – Team Building has been shown to increase employee satisfaction, decrease employee turnover, and open lines of communication between employees and departments. These activities are great for opening a meeting, creating energy, after lunch pick-me-up, leading in to a break, setting up a discussion, and many more situations.

04/09/2014 – PowerPoint Makes You Dumb – PowerPoint presentations have been getting out of control. Too many words, images, or ideas for the viewer to even read clearly, and sometimes the presenter is unable to answer a question. How can you avoid this in your meetings?

02/06/2014 – New Website Design – We had a competition allowing our viewers to comment about what they liked or didn’t like about the new website design, with a chance to win a $250 Visa Gift Card!

12/03/2013 – New Year’s Resolutions for Business Success – The end of the year is also a great time to reflect on your business successes and progress over the year, and a time when you can plan how you want your business to develop. What will you accomplish in 2014?

09/24/2013 – I don’t know OR I’ll find out – Here are our Red Flags of Conversation: what never to say in a conversation with a client or prospective client, and what would be more appropriate and professional to say instead.

06/04/2013 – How to Build a Better Online Presence – By now, every business owner knows that having a high quality, engaging online presence is essential for success. Many businesses focus entirely on getting on that first page of Google; but then what?

04/01/2013 – How Important is it to have a personal brand? – Just like advertisers and marketing teams brand their products and their business name, savvy professionals understand the importance of creating their own personal brand.

01/31/2013 – Mingle, mingle, mingle – Networking and mingling create new connections and possibilities, both professionally and personally. And for most people, it takes practice.

11/29/2012 – Speakers for Keynotes and Breakout Sessions – Are you looking for a dynamic Keynote Speaker for your annual conference? Or perhaps a talented, experienced person to lead breakout sessions at your next employee development meeting?

09/27/2012 – LinkedIn or Facebook? – Social Media is the way everyone’s talking these days. The general consensus is that LinkedIn is better for Business-to-Business contacts and Facebook is great for Business-to-Consumer.

07/25/2012 – Helping America’s Heroes – We were told by the CEO of the company that it “was not only one of the most educational team building events I have ever attended, but also one of the most emotionally moving.”

05/25/2012 – Does Team Building Work? – A recent survey carried out in Britain by Vodafone UK and suggests team building doesn’t work. Surveyed workers indicated they feel some team building activities can be a “waste of time, and at worst, are toe-curlingly embarrassing.”