How Much Does Team Building Cost?

Decision making would be so much easier if cost was never an issue. Businesses would be able to provide and support their employees in every way possible. Unfortunately, that is far from reality. Cost and expenditures play a huge role in an organization’s decision making. So when it comes to providing optional, additional events like team building, companies need to budget accordingly and determine it these types of items are worth their time and expenditure. How much does team building cost? And is it worth the investment?

How Much Does Team Building Cost?

Each business is different, and there are many variables to the cost of a team building event. Generally speaking, there are a few things that can affect the cost. These may include:

Number of participants. Obviously, the more people you have participating, the more the event will cost. Each team member or team must have the appropriate supplies to complete the event, and larger events will require more than one instructor to ensure that everyone stays on task and gets the guidance they require.

Location. We have instructors all over the United States and we love to travel. However, if we don’t have someone immediately nearby and have to fly to visit you, then the cost of airfare and hotel will cost additionally. Larger cities are usually easier and less costly to get to, while smaller, more remote locations may take more time and effort to get there.

Type of Event. With so many different types of events, it can be hard to pin down a price without knowing exactly what your team is looking for. We try our hardest to keep the charity team building events the same cost all around, allowing you to benefit the group you want. However some supplies may be more expensive than others. Other events require almost no supplies, or with supplies that we can reuse at each event.

What Do I Get For the Cost?

Our goal is to make the event fully inclusive, and take as much of the stress and planning off your shoulders as possible. Our quoted prices will include the cost of all the supplies, instructor fees, and charges necessary to make the event a success. Once we complete a preliminary discussion with you about what you want to accomplish for your team, our staff handles every aspect of the planning, ordering, handling, and preparation for the event.

Still Not Sure?

A team building event can be a big investment for businesses. If you have any questions or need a quote, feel free to contact us for assistance.