Custom Team Building

Custom Team Building allows you to pick the team building focus, venue, activity level and possibly a charity. We’ll do the rest! You get a custom designed, fun, energetic, and rewarding program that meets your goals. Your customized event will leave a positive, long lasting impression with your team.

  • Team Building Fun produces laughter

A Quality Team Building event created just for you! Our primary mission at Quality Team Building is to be a partner with our clients, to meet and exceed their goals and work with them to reach their objectives. With over 10 years (average) experience in corporate team building events, our highly qualified instructors will be happy to work with you and design the event that meets your needs.

Are you looking for an event that will address a specific issue in your workplace? Do you want an event that is energizing and fun? Do you have a specific corporate goal you want to reach with this team building event? Let us help. Since we custom design each event, you are in control! A Custom Team Building event meets YOUR goals. You tell us what your team needs improvement in and we develop a program to address that need. It may be developing skills of group diversity, learning to rely upon teammates for expertise and support, solving complex problems collaboratively, or gaining or building on essential life and business skills. Your event will help your team get where they need to be and will encourage individuals to reach out of their silo.

“The workshop is unlike any other being offered as it is designed for practical application. You will use the material covered to make you a better leader in your company and industry.” – Richard Rodriguez, Nestle

Who is this Custom Team Building Event For?

  • Groups of 10 to 1000+collaborate1-(34)
  • Existing teams, cross-functional teams, or mixed group of individuals
  • A group that needs to broaden their Support Team
  • Teams looking to capitalize on Creativity, Collaboration, and Cooperation
  • Anyone looking to benefit from a Team Building Activity
  • Suitable for all activity levels
  • Philanthropic Team Building

What Should We Expect From This Custom Event?

  • Fun, Fast Paced Excitement
  • Interactive & Creative challenges that build Trust and Relationships
  • Planning & Accountability
  • Energetic, Challenging Problem Solving
  • A Big Morale Boost for your team!
  • A chance to identify qualities and strengths in other team members
  • The best team building event you’ve ever experienced!

Key Activities

Our goal is to partner with you, get to know your problems, concerns, or objectives, and creatively design an event to your specifications. We will incorporate an Icebreaker for your event that entertains your team while it educates them, followed by a challenge, a series of puzzles, objectives, or a combination of obstacles that will challenge your team and bring out their best strengths and creative thinking.

A custom charity event can be facilitated through any charitable organization you choose. We can accommodate donations of stuffed animals, bicycles, dollhouses, toys, food, clothing, or money. We will coordinate with the charity to ensure we provide the most effective donation, and that a representative from the organization is available to speak briefly at the conclusion of your event, to thank you for the donation and explain how it will be used.

With our Custom Team Building, you are in charge. We can accommodate any time limit, address any workplace issues, and organize philanthropic donations if you choose.

What Kinds of Custom Team Building Events are Available?

Quality_Team_Building_63Charity Team Building events combine professionally organized team building activities with a charitable end product. We can donate bicycles to military children, build stuffed animals for First Responders, organize supplies for local food banks and homeless shelters, or any recipient you choose. It’s a WIN-WIN for your company!

Indoor Team Building can be accomplished in the comfort and privacy of a conference, ballroom, or any indoor space. Courses are fun, exciting and full of laughter! They can include charitable events, educational, and even scavenger hunts.

Outdoor Team Building will get your team out and about, allowing your team to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Events can include charity, educational, or one-of-a-kind scavenger hunts. Courses are always fun, exciting and full of laughter!

Who Coordinates the Event and with the Charity Organization?outdoorphoto1

We do ALL the leg work for you, handling all the aspects of coordination with the design of the event, locating and communicating with the charity organization, if applicable, and purchasing all the necessary supplies. Our goal is to provide you with the best all around experience, and allow you to simply learn and enjoy the event, not worry about the details. Our highly qualified staff will coordinate the event that best suits your needs and those of your team.