Cavalcade of Cycles Bicycle Team Building

The Cavalcade of Cycles is a unique, exciting, and philanthropic charity bicycle team building event requires participants to use collaboration to achieve the goal of building new bikes, decorating them with a theme, and putting on a parade! At the conclusion of the event, local needy children will arrive to meet your team, and collect the new bicycles. It is an event that will never be forgotten!

Are you looking for a charity team building event to fill a small time frame in your next meeting or conference? In this exciting and rewarding version of Bicycle Team Building, you have the task of not only building your team’s bicycle, BUT you also get to decorate it to best reflect the event theme. The theme can be connected to the conference, corporate goals, or seasonal. Think Mardi Gras, Fourth of July, Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, or the Tournament of Roses pageant for inspiration. Your efforts are capped by the opportunity to meet and directly deliver the new bikes to the children. This team building program is appropriate for existing teams or a mixed group of individuals.

“Quality Team Building provides training in many useful people skills, which makes dealing with team members a lot easier.” – D. Dufresne, Puma

“I would like to see everyone at the company take this workshop. I feel I doubled my ability to gain cooperation from my team.” – J. Jarem, Wharton-Smith

Who is this Bike Building Event For?

  • Groups of 10 to 1000+Cycles1
  • Existing teams, cross-functional teams, or mixed group of individuals
  • Anyone who wants to increase their Creative Thinking and Collaboration Skills
  • A group that needs to broaden their support team
  • Suitable for all activity levels
  • Philanthropic Team Building

What Should We Expect from this Bike Event?

  • Lots of silliness, laughter, and fun!
  • Fun, Fast Paced Excitement
  • Interactive & Creative challenges
  • Planning & Accountability
  • A Big Morale Boost for your team! They will never forget the happiness on those children’s faces.
  • A chance to identify qualities and strengths in other team members

Who Coordinates with the Charity to Donate the Bicycles?

We do ALL the leg work for you, handling all the aspects of coordination with the charity organization. Our goal is to provide you with the best all around experience, and allow you to simply learn and enjoy the event, not worry about the details. Our highly qualified staff will coordinate a representative from the charity organization to arrive at the conclusion of the event, to speak briefly about the work they do and how the donation will benefit them. Your team will have the opportunity to speak with the representative, and the recipients of the donation, in some cases, following the event. This extra personal touch adds an emotional element to charity team building, by giving back to others in need.

Other Bicycle Team Building Options

cycles1If your team has a specific charitable direction or you are looking for something new and different, then we want you to have options. Because we want our clients to have many choices, here are two more Bicycle Team Building programs.

  • Helping America’s Heroes is the patriotic twist on the traditional Bicycle Team Building, with the bicycles going to local military children. This fast, energetic, and patriotic event produces excitement and the warm feelings at the end that will be remember and talked about for years.
  • Bicycle Team Building is the event that started it all! In this version, the recipients are local children associated with various charity organizations, such as the YMCA or Boys and Girls Clubs. At the conclusion of this program, the children will personally come to collect the bicycles, allowing your team to meet the children who will receive the bikes. This fast, energetic event produces excitement and the warm feelings at the end that will be remember and talked about for years.