Bicycle Team Building for Charity Events

This unique, exciting, and philanthropic charity team building event requires participants to use collaboration to achieve the goal of building new bikes. At the conclusion of the event, local needy children will arrive to meet your team, and collect the new bicycles. It is an event that will never be forgotten!

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    This exciting, challenging, and rewarding program is appropriate for existing teams, cross-functional teams, or a mixed group of individuals. Groups work through challenges to collect the parts to build bicycles. Their efforts are rewarded by the opportunity to meet and directly deliver the new bikes to the children who will own them. This fast, energetic event produces excitement and the warm feelings at the end will be remembered and talked about for years.
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    Since we custom design each event, you are in control! For all of our events, we want to ensure not only that the participants are having FUN, but that they are also LEARNING, and leaving the event with information and skills they can take back to their lives and workplaces to benefit them for years to come. We will accomplish your goals and guarantee you a solid return on investment. We always custom design the event and the outcomes to benefit the participants, and design the clues around those needs. Do the participants need work practicing their Communication skills? Their Attention to Detail? Their ability to Negotiate with others? Engage your collaboration skills, your problem solving skills, and your bodies on a great adventure of building camaraderie!
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    This event encourages your team to learn to tap into strengths and skills of group diversity, learn to rely upon teammates for expertise and support, solve complex puzzles and problems collaboratively, and gain or build on essential life and business skills. This event will help your employees realize that individuals and departments can accomplish much more when they work together, than when they work independently, and will encourage individuals to reach out of their silo.


Who is this Event For?

  • Groups of 10 to 1000+
  • Existing teams, cross-functional teams, or mixed group of individuals
  • Anyone who wants to increase their Creative Thinking and Collaboration Skills
  • A group that needs to broaden their support team
  • Suitable for all activity levels
  • Philanthropic Team Building
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What Should I Expect?

  • Fun, Fast Paced Excitement
  • Interactive & Creative challenges that build Trust and Relationships
  • Planning & Accountability
  • Energetic, Challenging Problem Solving
  • A Big Morale Boost for your team!
  • A chance to identify qualities and strengths in other team members
  • The best team building event you’ve ever experienced!
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What Did Our Clients Say?

“Everyone LOVED the event. In fact, we asked them to rank what they liked best about the conference, and your event was #1!”  – Lissa Salvatierra, Alma Lasers

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Key Activities

Bicycle Team Building is the most popular team building training in the United States, and this version is one of our most popular courses! Following a humorous and enlightening Icebreaker, your team is divided into smaller groups. In the warm up activity that is sure to create many laughs, the groups engage in actions designed to get them to start seeing their smaller groups as separate from the whole team. This simulates the silo effect often seen in companies, and causes higher levels of competition among the teams. The groups are then provided with puzzles, challenges, and obstacles they must work through. The small groups struggle until they begin to realize that in order to succeed, they have to work outside their group, by communicating and sharing information among the entire team. Once they recognize there is only “one team,” they finish the activity and reach their goal – building bicycles for needy children. At the completion of the event, the recipients of the bicycles, uniformed parents and their children, will come to collect the bicycles, and your team will have the chance to meet the children who will own the bicycles.

Who Coordinates with the Charity?

We do ALL the leg work for you, handling all the aspects of coordination with the charity organization. Our goal is to provide you with the best all around experience, and allow you to simply learn and enjoy the event, not worry about the details. Our highly qualified staff will coordinate a representative from the charity organization to arrive at the conclusion of the event, to speak briefly about the work they do and how the donation will benefit them. Your team will have the opportunity to speak with the representative, and the recipients of the donation, in some cases, following the event. This extra personal touch adds an emotional element to charity team building, by giving back to others in need.

Other Bicycle Team Building Options

Perhaps your team has already done a bicycle team building event and you are looking for something new and exciting, or perhaps you just want to see some more options. Because of the demand from our clients to keep bringing them new courses, we have two additional types of bicycle team building programs.

  • Helping America’s Heroes is the patriotic twist on the traditional Bicycle Team Building, with the bicycles going to local military children. This fast, energetic, and patriotic event produces excitement and the warm feelings at the end that will be remember and talked about for years.

  • Cavalcade of Cycles is a truly unique charity event. In this version of Bicycle Team Building, your team will not only assemble the bicycles, but also to decorate them to best reflect the event theme, which can be connected to the conference, corporate goals, or seasonal. The bicycles will then be part of a parade for the children who will own them, all while the parade is ‘broadcast’ with colorful commentary.