Give to an Animal Shelter Charity and Save a Life

With so many charity options and so many needed people in the world, one group that is often forgotten are animals. Each year approximately 5 million cats, dogs, rabbits, and other pets are placed in animal shelters. Of that 5 million, roughly 3 million will be euthanized due to lack of space, money, and interest. Giving to an animal shelter charity this year can save the innocent lives of our furry companions.

Why Animal Shelter Charity Matters

There are only about 5,000 shelters nationwide, some county or state sponsored and others owned by individuals. Regardless, the situation is the same everywhere – there are simply too many animals and too few people to take them in as pets. Older animals are often abandoned as their health concerns become too expensive, or families may decide they simply can’t care for an animal anymore. These shelters provide an important service of caring for, feeding, and loving these animals as they want to find a forever home. A donation to an animal shelter can help ensure more pets find homes and stay healthy until then.

How to Give to an Animal Shelter

Giving to an animal shelter is easy. You can find a local animal shelter and find out what they need – many organizations will post requests online which could include food supplies, towels, toys, or money. Or consider adopting a pet for your family the next time you decide to add to your family.

Team Building Events to Benefit Animal Shelters

If your organization, department, or group is interested in a coordinated team building event that can benefit a local animal shelter, we can help. Our animal shelter charity team building event, known as PAWS-itive Pack Mentality, is designed to benefit local animal shelters. The event can take place in any city, any season and any location. We create an experience for your employees indoors or out and about. As they solve problems together, they learn about their individual team dynamics. Creativity and thinking outside of the box is highly encouraged!

Help give back to the community and provide love and care for our furry friends through animal shelter charity. Help reduce the number of animals that suffer and help more animals find forever homes.